"Imagine a world where science has answers

for problems we created".

"Jeans designed for the ones who

wear the pants in the family".

"Food of the gods, kings, and ignorant Presidents."

"Self-isolation suites now available,

where the only thing negative should be your Covid test".

"Finally, a way to seem smart and avoid people".



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A universe exists within ours, populated by

The Merchandise created to serve our whims

and fancies. They are painstakingly sculpted to aid us with trivial to gargantuan tasks.

However, they are silent warriors, overshadowed by greedy memes, dog videos and Netflix that capitalise on the attention span of the world.

The Merchandise can’t speak for themselves

you see, and are in dire need of interpreters. Fortunately, their new hope has arrived, by the name of Vaishnavi Rai. I am hardworking, ambitious and, a perfectionist.

I have taken on the task of communicating the greatness of The Merchandise.

Although, my determination would be for naught if I do not get a job first.

Help my cause, be my aid, and protect the honour of The Merchandise.


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