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Connect 4 Climate

Less Than Three

Less Than Three can be best described as an analogy for human behaviour. Our project illustrates that we as a community have developed behaviours without thinking of the harm done to the environment. With little critique we met our ends through unfair means.

In our campaign, we highlight how Americans have always had a predilection towards using multiple ice cubes to chill their drinks. However, scientifically, a standard sized soda needs only 3 cubes of ice to reach the coolest temperature. More ice will dilute the drink.

Yet, ice machines continue to whir at all hours of the day to serve the needs of the masses, emitting 7000 tonnes of carbon into the environment. A simple way to help preserve our planet is cognisance of personal consumption.

We hope eventually, everyone would ask the simple question, what else can there be less of?

Concept Board
Less Than Three_Supporting Board.jpg


CW: Vaishnavi Rai

AD: Shikhar Bafna, Adela Fatali

Vertical Print.png


D&AD Wood Pencil, 2020

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