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New York Times

Project 20|20

In the information overload world we have created, people have difficulty in navigating through the media landscape. Ergo, opinions are read as preaches, and facts are mislabelled as fiction. 

New York Times set out to create awareness among its audience about the importance of news literacy as a critical skill for understanding the world. Or simply put, make them conscious of the importance of discerning between facts and opinions. 

Our solution, to condition our spectators into reflexively recognising what stands true and what comes with quotations.

The best way to do it? Bring this distinction to life utilising our readers’ milieu.

New York City is blanketed by layers of facts and opinions already. Art galleries, subway stations, or Madison Square Garden, act as natural media to pass this message along. All we will do, is repeatedly point it out to our readers. Marking the writings on the wall of the city with their appropriate label: fact or opinion. Until it becomes an ear worm they can’t get rid of. 

All this fuss about news literacy is not only for our audience to know what they read, but also about looking at the world through critical, objective, anti-glare lenses. 

Ultimately, The Times wants New Yorkers to attain 20/20 vision to perceive the world.


CW: Palak Kapadia, Shweta Nandakumar, Vaishnavi Rai

AD: Shikhar Bafna

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